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had an impromptu second date(ish?) today with guy-friend not-quite-boyfriend. We had lunch before he went in to work at the nonprofit we both volunteer for. He was wearing a suit for the occasion and looked really handsome and eeeeeeeeee.

Sorry, I am just feeling all gushy now and I figure you guys have heard enough of my sad stories over the past two years to fill a whole file cabinet, so it feels good to share some good stuff.

I'm just...still taken aback at how all of this came to be. It's like I just looked over one day and my good friend whom I've known for years (we met when I was 21, he was 19, so 6-ish years ago) became a fully grown, put together, respectful, intelligent, attractive adult man.


So the two or three friends I've told about this were just kind of like "FUCKING FINALLY, ROSS AND RACHEL, we knew this was coming for ages." So during lunch it got kind of quiet at one point and I just looked over at him and said..."so, are we the last ones to know, as far as this being a thing, between you and I?" and he smiled with this twinkle in his eye and was like "yeah, I think we might be. A lot of people we know mutually have been asking me if we were together for a few months now."

Monday I am going over to his place to watch movies and he is going to cook some dinner (salmon!)


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