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Squeeze your pups tight tonight

TW: Animal death

I had the saddest night, you guys. I was biking home from happy hour - it was already dark - and I biked past a man who was carrying a black lab/pit mix from the street onto the sidewalk. Apparently he had just witnessed the dog getting hit by an SUV. I stopped to see if the dog was OK; he wasn't. He was barely breathing and clearly in shock. The car owner got out to check on the dog, but was pretty useless and wasn't doing anything to help the situation. Since he was clearly not willing to invest the time to get this dog to the emergency vet, I elected to bike to my friend's place to pick up her car and take this dog in. The guy that originally picked him up stayed with him.

When I returned a few minutes later with my friend, the guy told us he couldn't feel Roxie's pulse anymore (this is the name I gave the dog on my bike ride). My friend thought she could feel something faint so we took him into the vet down the street, hoping he was just in shock.


When we got there, the vet tech told us he had passed away.

I feel so sad for this poor dog. He didn't have a collar so we couldn't call his family, and I feel bad about that too. I hope the vet finds a chip to call the family, but with no collar I doubt the dog was chipped.

RIP Roxie

(and thank you random samaritan who stayed with Roxie until we picked him up)


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