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Kyosuke's post the other day inspired me to finally get off my ass and change my gender with the Social Security Administration. Between recovering from surgery and the rush of the busy season I haven't had a lot of time to deal with bureaucracy, but I had today off, so I got up early got down the SSA and got it done.


Finally. Fucking. Done.

You guys have no idea. It's been almost TEN FUCKING YEARS. I was 23 when I started. I was a kid.

I've never been overly sentimental about changing documents. I've always had a pretty good sense of myself and never felt that my identity was defined by my legal status. All and all I've been able to get a lot done despite the various legal tangles I had to work through, but I'll be honest, I teared up a little on the drive home. The SSA was the very last thing I had to do, now I'm completely female in the eyes of the federal government. I don't want to feel like I need the government to tell me who I am, but the feeling of validation, after all these years, is overwhelming.

Last year I changed my passport, this winter I had surgery, and now that SSA is done, I feel free to live my life now that I don't have those niggling asterisks hanging over my head.


This is a good day you guys.

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