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So, before I moved, I had being seeing a doctor for perinatal anxiety and had been on Celexa. I was doing great before I moved and stopped taking the medicine. Fast forward 2 month later: I am not doing so great. I am a bit in over my head with anxiety. I have a medication management appointment with a new doctor but not until mid Feb. I have 3 refills left on the Celexa so I plan to start that because I was on it for over a year and know how I react.

Obviously you cannot start Celexa at the dose I left off at. I am getting 40mg tablets here shortly. How should I manage it myself before my first appointment. I really screwed up here. I should have had a doctor lined up but I thought I was fine. The options are to retake the medicine which I will start doing in Feb after my appointment anyway or wait. I don't want to wait another month :/