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SSSHHH, everyone! A white guy in a fedora is talking

Please refer to the second comment on the article. If there are already more than two, I imagine it will still be pretty easy to find the one I’m referring to. I was going to post this to Twitter so more people could laugh (and cry) at this comment, but I’m in job searching mode and am being a bit overly cautious with regards to what people come up with if they search me publicly.


Now, this is one of those comments that is almost too perfectly, spectacularly tone-deaf to be real.

“But what about white people! Everyone matters equally.”

“They’re the ones who are being racist!”

“Canada doesn’t have a problem with racism anyway.”

It also completely misses the point that half of why this is so disturbing is that it wasn’t just a mural in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, it was more specifically dedicated to murdered trans people of colour.


Finally, referring to the article more broadly, LOL at “potential” hate crime. You think maybe?

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