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St. Louis Police Department at it again

St. Louis City PD looks like they might be about to take a page from the Ferguson PD's book.

Off-duty City cop was working security in South City - Shaw neighborhood. Cop sees 4 young men acting suspicious, so he approaches. No word yet on what made them suspicious, but I suspect it might have been walking outside at night while black.


Cop approached, the 4 of them run. Cop pursued. Cop says one young man pulled out a gun and pointed it at him, so he fired in self-defense. 18 yr old young man dies. Witnesses at the corner store nearby say the kid was armed with a sandwich and was shot like 15 times.

Protesters show up, including many community leaders from Ferguson. People are understandably upset and angry. At one point, an ambulance has to come because the young man's mother passed out. Protesters force a group of cops back into their cars, start hitting and kicking the cars. Soon after gunshots happen among the protesters. No one was hit - not sure if there was a specific target or just firing into the air. Things calm down, then more shots. Thus far, cops are only using bulletproof vests.


I suspect riot gear will be coming out soon. If you were planning on going to Tower Grove Park or the Botanical Gardens, Thursday will not be a good day for this.

No official statement or press conference yet.

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