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TW shooting, death

So here’s the basic description of what happened around 1 am today.

2 on-duty 29 yr old male cops stop at one of their houses.

1 off-duty 24 yr old female cop meets them at the house.

Female cop is fatally shot in chest in “accidental discharge” of firearm.

So plenty of big holes in this description this morning. As the day progressed, we also learned:

the gun used was a revolver, not their issued firearm, they drove her to the hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance (she was pronounced dead at the hospital), she’d been with the police for 2 years, officer who shot her had been with the police for 1 year, she was married, and the on-duty cop’s house they met in was not in their assigned district to patrol.


There are so many holes in this story.

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