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Welcome To The Bitchery

As many of you know (since I did my Askablank on it...and I promise to answer your questions once I'm done all my papers over the next few days!), I am a supervisor at a living history/open air museum. I supervise a team of 10-15 historical interpreters directly each summer (and about 30-40 more indirectly). Since we re-hire our staff every summer, and many of them are in school during the fall and winter ), it's usually kind of a crap shoot as to what our turnover will be. We often have people who come back to work with us every summer while they work on their degrees, and then find new year-round jobs beginning the summer after they begin their degrees. This year we have a very high turnover, and so my direct staff is almost entirely new (which is exciting, but also nervous-making!).

I'm trying to think of good ways to get to know them, help them to get to know each other, and build a cohesive team with them throughout our training period. This is a very team-based position, so this is imperative. One idea that I had was to sit down with them and have them sketch out their "interpretive superheroes," and name what "superpowers" they think they'll bring to the team as well as their "kryptonite" and its antidote. So, for example, my interpretive superpower is that I'm very approachable, and our visitors aren't nervous about approaching me with questions. My kryptonite might be that I sometimes procrastinate, and the antidote to that is thoughtfully planning what I need to do well in advance. I think this could be a really good idea for the team to see what it is—that is, what we're working with, what we might need to help each other out with, etc. And I would hope it would be fun—drawing and colouring! BUT I'm worried that they might feel like I'm infantilising them or being too "teacher-y".


Any thoughts or suggestions about my idea, or any other ideas you might have would be very much appreciated!

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