I’m probably going to dox myself a bit with this post, but I’ve been up all night stalking the local wildfire. We’ve been under a level II fire ban for a few days, which means NOTHING incendiary. SOME IDIOTS decided to shoot tracer rounds yesterday and started a fire that’s spreading. My mom thinks her work is going to burn. Her boss, who lives nearby the work cabin, is pretty sure his house burned. Her second boss grabbed all the computers from the cabin just before evacuations were issued and is now gathering up pictures and documents from his house because he needs to evacuate.

My brother is in town with his girls so I’m at my mom’s house with them while they sleep. Mom went to meet her boss, who’s across the highway from their work/his house right now, while my brother is in another town with his friends (this was already planned; the fire just blew up in the last few hours, changed direction with the wind).

I’ve been stalking social media for updates. The camera stationed at the entrance to mom’s work is down; this could be because it burned or because power to it was cut when lines burned.

WHO THE FUCK SHOOTS TRACER ROUNDS IN A LEVEL II FIRE BAN?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHHH!!!!????? This makes me so mad! They’ve arrested the two people already, a man and woman 22 and 23. Tracer rounds are banned in Colorado anyway, but during a level II fire ban?!?! This is beyond carelessness, beyond idiocy. Just...gross negligence.

Our neighbors have taken in two families who were evac’d. BoyPenguin and I have several friends who are being/have been evac’d. We have two friends who are firefighters/volunteer firefighters.

It’s 11:45 pm here. The sky is dark, but also bright pink. It smells like a campfire. We are safe, but SO many people are not. 


Sorry for the rant and the scrambledness of this post. I’m trying to give myself a few minutes between refreshes on the many social media pages I’m currently stalking for updates on the wildfire. And damn all those prayer posts, especially the ones with just the hands!!! It makes it so much harder to find useful information!!! Your prayers aren’t helpful!!!

Happy 4th everyone.