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As usual, it starts with Facebook. Sorry I always bitch about Facebook on here, but it's basically my only social life outside of GT.
One of my exes that I'm friends with on there is pretty much only there to remind me to be grateful for my life. I'm so glad I had that abortion. He is the most negative person I have ever met and doesn't realize that about 70% of his problems are self inflicted. Anywho, I took the kids to get their Xmas ponies stuffed today at Build-a-Bear and subsequently posted a picture of them with the four ponies they now have and captioned it 'my little Bronies!' For some reason, dude felt the need to say this:
Seriously dont equate your sons with Bronies ever. Bronies are the worst thing ever.

And I am confused. Actually I think he is confused. Not to mention, dude is super judgmental as well. Go back to the garage you live in and post more fringe music videos because no one understands you.


There is also a "love letter" going around about a local mall and it pushed a button for me. It was waxing poetic about how great the mall used to be. Sure, I don't like the fact that there was a shooting there a couple years ago, but I don't give a crap that places change and evolve with time. I'm not particularly nostalgic about most things, and being a teenager was fucking miserable. When our friend recently stayed with us, aside from sexually harassing me, he mostly just rehashed old stories. I was there. Or I've heard the stories a million times before. It was 15 years ago, has nothing new happened in your life?
It was just a cascade of irritation for me today. Must be my period. Women, amirite?

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