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Stand junto a mi

Thanks to some pushing from a GT-er (I’m sorry I can’t remember who!), Mexador and I are taking a little Latin ballroom class. And we’re having so much fun! Its a community class, so we’re the youngest people by probably 30 years. And we’re having all sorts of hilarious problems.

1) He first learned to dance with his mom and they’re both left-handed. So not only is he used to starting with the other foot, but he’s used to mirroring anything the teacher does.

2) Many of the steps start the same way as various judo throws and holds that he has stored in body memory. I haven’t been thrown across the floor yet, but. yeah.


3) I am TERRIBLE at following. I keep trying to lead and I tell him to tell me what he’s going to do, otherwise I won’t be able to anticipate it and keep up. I blame it on feminism, he blames it on misandry.

(These are all okay because we’re laughing as we dance. I love that we can tease each other and laugh about everything.)

4) Since the teacher is like 80 years old, all the music we’re Latin dancing to is either disco or elevator music versions of disco/actual Latin music. And Mexador is the son of a Mexican DJ. You should have seen his face as elevator music La Bamba starts up for mambo salsa. Fortunately, he’s made a playlist of actual music (Suavamente and other Elvis Crespo, some Celia Cruz, etc) that we listen to on the way there and back.

Have you seen the Coca Cola commercial with the quinceanera? It’s adorable and Mexador found the song from it, some great bachata which has been our favorite dance so far.


But seriously, how cute is that commercial?

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