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You guise, I'm thinking about learning to stand to pee with my ladyparts.

Peeing standing up has a weird amount of significance in the trans community. For most trans guys, it's this total rite of passage. There's this validating element to peeing standing up—even if it's through a stand to pee device. For trans women, it can be a little more complicated. Some will refuse stand at all even pre social transition, seeing it as a sign of masculinity. Some of us don't care that much.


Personally, I never really gendered peeing. Obviously, I wouldn't stand in a stall at a public restroom, that's awkward and classless, but in the privacy of my own home, in a locked single stall restroom, filthy gas station, or port-a-potty, it was just quicker and easier (I used to use two pairs of underwear to tuck and on a hot day, arranging everything in a tight pair of jeans was kind of a hassle).

Apparently, ladies standing to pee is a whole thing. There are internet tutorials on how to do it by spreading your labia, there are commercial products available, or you can just make your own stand to pee device. There are even some new lady urinals...


One of my best friends is an trans dude. I stay at his place when I'm on the road sometimes. Last time I was there I was pre-op and we would both stand, me with my original plumbing and him with his STP (we're both trans folks and there's no reason to adhere to cis gender standards of bathroom behavior when it's just us—although, there are a lot of trans women who will be horrified by my saying that—some would question my femininity). When I go back this year, our roles will be reversed. I'm recently post-op and he's just had a metoidioplasty which let's him stand to pee with his own junk. To keep the status quo, I might ask him to make me an STP. I think it would be hilarious.

I'm not particularly attached to peeing standing up, but I think it'd be kind of fun to give it a try (also, practical. Sometimes, I drive really long distances—2,000miles at a time type distances and there are points where there is nowhere to pee).


What about you guys? Ever tried it? Curious? Do you think I'm a complete weirdo, now?

ETA: I'd like to leave you all with this sort of applicable joke from Kate Bornstein:

At a Q&A about sexuality in the trans community, someone once asked her what she would call a trans woman who using a strap on with her female partner. She replied: "nostalgic".

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