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Stand your ground.... lol, jk, omg.

This is an interesting turn of events that tool place about 3 months ago that I just stumbled across, and think needs a little more exposure.

I get annoyed when an internet article or new story is linked to sexism or racism that really can be explained by other causes or factors. It seems like people just to the easiest conclusion that fits their demographic.

But the irony in this situation can pretty much only be explained by subtle racism and sexism.
We probably all have been made aware of George Zimmerman/Treyvon Martin "Stand your ground" Murder case. Without jumping to support either side, the main facts are an individual shot and killed another individual who claims this was in self defense. One person killed another, and NO ARREST WERE MADE at the time of the incident.

Another Florida case, a African-american woman shot 'a single warning shot' in self defense may receive 20 years. Although the circumstances of the case are different, we are talking about a situation where no one was hurt leading to a 20 year sentence VS a situation where a life was taken and no arrest were made.


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