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Standing desk - poll/advice

We are going to be shuffling people around in my office to make space for newcomers, and I have to decide between an office with a regular desk that is much better from a temperature/overall environmental comfort perspective for me, and an office with a fancy standing desk that is less so.

The standing desk office is warmer than I prefer and gets afternoon sunlight, which I don’t like because it further heats the office and also I am able to get sunburned through windows and it’s annoying to have to worry about that. I love natural light where I work but prefer it to be indirect as opposed to beating down directly onto me. But the too-hot/sunny office’s standing desk is awesome. It’s the kind where that whole half of the desk rises, so you can easily use your computer, take calls, read documents, write, etc.

My back has been getting progressively more unhappy with too much sitting as I have gotten older. But at the same time, my back also hurts when I have too much standing or even walking on a given day. I know standing desks are better for lower back pain, but my back pain is not really limited to or focused on my lower back. My back likes to do yoga, stretch, and get massages, and it likes when I lie flat on a yoga mat on a hard floor. That is all my back likes to do, and so when I have less back pain tends to be when I have had a lot of variety in my day and don’t do too much of anything overall (not too much sitting, standing, or walking), and also do something my back likes that day.


I thought maybe the standing desk would be worth it as long as I don’t spend too long continuously sitting or standing. But at the same time, my feet really don’t like standing, and I already have some foot problems (thanks Dad) and do have at least a small amount of foot pain for pretty much all standing. It’s fine up to a certain point but I will definitely not be standing more than a couple hours a day. My ankles are also not the best and I do get a lot of ankle swelling easily, though that can happen from too much sitting or too much standing.

So I am wondering if the standing desk, for me, really wouldn’t be as good as just trying to get up and walk around a lot throughout the day, which I already do.

TL;DR and poll/advice request:

For all of you who have tried a standing desk, what did you think? Was it a huge improvement for any back issues, and/or did you deal with any foot or leg (or other) issues from standing in a stationary way? Would you consider it worth sacrificing your preferred office temperature to have one?

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