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Standing Up For Myself

You guys were absolutely right in saying that ignoring Mr. Gaslighter would bring him back around. :/ Backstory

I was out of town working an event for a nonprofit I volunteer with regularly friday through sunday. I got home last night and immediately got a text saying "Are you back yet? I need a makeout session ASAP." Really, guy? I wrote back that through all of our communication within the past week, I got the feeling that we weren't on the same page at all and thus would have to decline any further invitations from him to hang out.


He flipped out a little bit and started backpedaling into "Well I was just SAYING that I didn't want to date for the sake of dating, I want to find the right one!" Huh. Pretty stark contrast from telling me that you weren't even sure that dating was worth all the trouble right after I opened up to you about how much I really liked you. What the everloving fuck, y'all.

Bullets dodged. Dating is really discouraging at times, and I'll be honest and say it was really tempting to just say "okay!" and head over to his place, and swallow down all the bad feelings and shady vibes I'd been catching. Some part of me realized though that I'd be teaching him that I will back down when pushed and can be manipulated, and that's not at all the message I want to send anymore. I feel like I finally know how to honor my feelings. It sucks but I have to believe deep down that there's better than this.

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