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Star Magazine what a waste of ink and trees Jon Benet Ramsey related.

I went for a haircut so I had a twenty minute wait. I would have left but my mother was DETERMINED that I get a haircut since they had a sale for 7 dollars plus she wanted my neck shaved.

Anyways I saw a cover of Garner and Affleck. I read the article. I may never see his movies again.

Anyways I perused through rest of magazine and there it was. The ARTICLE that garnered a column. New theory is Jon Benet Ramsey and Katy Perry are the same person. So who is the dead child unless there is none and police were in on it, who would want to go through years of literal hell on Earth to fake a death of your child. I know for many years this was the ultimate murder parlor story (not literal parlor) where folks discussed the case and gave theories. I was involved with many parlor type discussions. I heard as many theories as people. Not one was “faked her death”.


Why would they open up these wounds to the family and friends. I doubt we will ever know.

Waste of print and trees to publish this article. Did nothing but disgust me. They should go back to being a regular non glossy tabloid if they want to print articles like this. I expect better in a magazine format with a glossy cover.

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