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When I googled "inane gif" this is what came up. I am not even joking. (this was a horrible gif but I swapped it for Garak! Yay!)

Anyway, as you guys know I've been binge-watching DS9 and not been very impressed.


I just watched the last episode (ANCIENT SPOILERS!) and it's kind of shit.

I mean, the bones are great, the characters are great, but the writing is so terrible. Is this why I don't like BSG? (same dude)

And, dudes, maybe your ships keep getting bombed because you have the ship's counsellor flying the goddamned thing. It makes no sense!!!!

Anyway now I'm free and can return to hatewatching TOS!

But the best part of this terrible show was clearly: (Garak was here before but people hated the gif so I swapped them!!)


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