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Star Wars Force Awakens did NOT hate it, major, major spoilers

Major spoilers so a looong space













1) Before I went I was super stressed out and really expecting to hate it because they threw out all the novels and EU. Then a weird thing happened.


2) I felt an utter sense of utter happiness when I realized “this is essentially Legacy of the Force” minus the detail and nuance. Legacy is all about Jacen the child of Leia and Han going to the darkside and obsessed with his grandpa. Although in Legacy Jacen answered to no one.

3) I am shocked the cartoon series was not Jedi Academy to show how Ren was seduced to the Dark Side. In the novels it was glacial he went from being a Jedi to trying to balance it between the two to Dark Lord.


4) Rey I was thinking she was Luke’s daughter could she be Ren’s sister although would abandon their daughter on a desert planet? In Legacy it was Jaina Solo who stood against Jacen.

5) Is Maz (?) the new Yoda? I want to know more about her.

6) I liked it but cringed a lot. At times it felt like a remake of Star Wars. The desert scenes when Rey said the droid is not for sale. The scene between Han and Rye were almost identical to the scene between Vader and Obi Wan.


7) Ren unlike Darth seemed like a petulant child who just wanted approval. Well approval from his dead grandpa. Darth was strong and displayed no weakness in the first film. Ren just seemed weak even his helmet spoke more of his desire to be like his granddad not to be his own person.

Darth was a much better villian.

8) Not sure how Ren was rescued.

9) Is there a novel showing how Ren went to the darkside?

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