I’m a big nerd. I love science fiction. I’ll watch almost any kind of sci-fi t.v. show even if it objectively bad. I am, admittedly, more of a t.v. person than a movie person. I have just ignored all star wars things though. I went to see the Phantom Menace in the theater a million years ago. I thought it was.....really dumb. I’d seen the first three as a kid and they were fine. I watched them before I really developed a love of sci fi and they were a bit dated by the time I watched them so I never had a real love for the series.

Anyway, I never watched another star wars movie. I just noped out of the entire franchise the minute I finished with Phantom Menace. Perhaps unfairly. It’s been white noise to me since then. I simply ignore all cultural references, articles, mentions, etc. Is it worth diving in and trying to catch up? People seem to really dig them and I’m a nerd. How did this pass me by? How many are there? What do I watch first? If I start with stuff from the aughts will bad special effects turn me off? I try to google it and there are so damn many.