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Star Wars **Spoilers**

I don’t think there has been a Star Wars thread yet. Anyone else see it yet? What are your thoughts? Spoiler warnings ahead!




I really enjoyed it, I know that apparently a lot of people didn’t.

I loved all the subversion. There isn’t any point in continually treading the same ground and I appreciate that they killed Snoke, admitted Rey’s parents are nobodies etc.


There were definite flaws, “oh no we only have 6 hours of fuel left and despite all the enemies technology as long as we stay this far away from them we are safe”

I went in thinking I would hate it if they killed off Luke but think it was done well and he will be back as ghost Luke anyway so all is good.

The casino scenes were unnecessary considering the plan failed but it was nice to see a bit more of the galaxy. Not everyone is involved in the New Order vs Rebel Scum and there is a big issue with slavery still in the galaxy and I enjoyed seeing a bit more of other peoples lives.

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