I swear, if my beloved moans one more time about how the new Star Wars movie is ruining his childhood, I’m going to drop kick him into the sun.

I enjoyed the first three. I didn’t like the second three. I’ll probably see the new movie with the kids, and I’m not emotionally invested as to whether I’ll love it or hate it. I’m vaguely interested in getting the original trilogy on BluRay (which has become a matter of when, not if), but if the kids show interest, I’ll get them the edited ones instead.

We can’t see an ad for the movie, though, without Mr. Cunning going into Rant Mode. It’s ruining his childhood. Lucas is the worst (even though he was the one that made the original three that he loved so much!). JJ Abrahams is the worst (He fails to tell me WHAT director could do this job, since we’re all supposed to just watch the original three over and over). Literally everything that is not the original three movies is the worst of all things that could be worst. “They’re just out to make money!” YES. THAT IS THEIR JOB. THEY HAVE TO MAKE MONEY. THEY’RE NOT FUCKING HOBBYISTS.

I get not liking something, and I even get hating where a series has gone, but Christ on a pogo stick, if your childhood is ruined by someone releasing a movie when you’re almost fifty, maybe you should focus on some memories besides seeing a movie about space wizards.