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StarKruzr's Entirely Unprofessional Spoileriffic Review of Frozen

  • I liked the change in take on "true love" with respect to the other ways Disney usually looks at it. Sisters vs. generic bland white people love at first sight? I'll take it.
  • Does anyone else think that Elsa and Anna's parents sort of suck? Don't you know ANYTHING about raising a child with superpowers, you dumb royals? She should have been learning how to channel her abilities this whole time rather than suppress them (and her emotions). DUH. (This is sort of related to my frustrations with Carrie: I find myself wanting it to be an origin story rather than a horror story.)
  • Josh Gad was funny as Olaf.
  • Why did the reindeer act like a dog? Step up your game, Disney.
  • The end was sort of meh. "Of course, love thaws things! DERP." And everything was okay.
  • I was sort of expecting to find out that Anna had fire powers (red hair stereotype, I KNOW, but still) and thus was the counterbalance / complement to her sister, and that that was going to be the saving grace between the two of them. Sort of disappointed that we don't have X-Men for a queen and princess at the end, but I'll take the Icewoman who builds herself a Fortress of Solitude, I guess.

Le Fin!

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