I don't live anywhere near "The South," but on occasion I find myself regarding the Confederate battle flag. It probably doesn't happen for me nearly as often as some of you, but perhaps it's even more jarring for its rarity. Just the other day, some dildo was rolling down the street streaming a jumbo version from a flagpole setup in the back of his pickup truck, and my reaction, as always, was "hey, look at that asshole." Well I must not be the only one out there going WTF, cause the AP has a trend piece about that fucking flag creeping north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Basically, the whole article served to confirm my belief that the people big into displaying it are total pond scum types who get off on their absolute twat-itude.

But Banks, 55, who is black, can't miss the Dixie flag plastered across the back window of his neighbor's pickup truck parked at the curb. It's also on the front license plate, with the word "Daddy."

In June, when country-rock star Toby Keith played the Susquehanna Bank Center, police said Darren Walp, 33, of Ridley Park, climbed a fence into a housing complex, waving the flag and shouting racial slurs. The flags were out again the next weekend at a concert headlined by Brad Paisley, and tailgaters were outraged because security was forcing them to be taken down.

Copeland, however, doesn't seem overly concerned with political correctness, as evidenced by the sign on his door that reads, in part: "Unless you are blind or cannot read this sign, you can bet your ass I am going to stomp the sā€”- out of you if you bother me!"

You know, if it wasn't the Confederate flag, it'd be something else. Some people just feel a real need to telegraph how shitty and abnormal they are, and pissing people off with their rebel bullshit is as good as anything. The article also makes note of a special event taking place this morning in Virginia ā€” the raising of a gigantic Confederate flag alongside I-95. It's got to be funny if you're a shitty, mean, confrontational person at heart, but you're too uptight and respectable to do all that wild, redneck stuff. At that point, I guess you join some dumbass group like the Virginia Flaggers and try to wage the culture war through passive aggression. Get a load of young Colonel Sanders on the left.