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My Annoying Brother in Law has started complaining about “higher ups” treating him unfairly at work.

For those unaware, my Annoying Brother in law has a history of getting himself fired. In the past five years since he got his RPN diploma he has had, by my count, 9 jobs, including the current one and been fired from 4 of them. (Some of them were part time, and he worked a couple of them at a time.). The jobs he wasn’t fired from, he quit, to move to something better. In his entire adult life, he has had over 30 jobs (a number of years ago, an old friend of Mr. I and his came to town, and I overhead him tell her that he had had 26 different jobs at that point.)


Well, this on Friday he vague posted something about how diamonds are made through pressure, so I asked his sister what was up. She told me that he asked her out for coffee this week, and told her that he was being treated unfairly at work. However, she says that when he related the story to her, it turned out that the reason he is in trouble at work is, he tried to bypass a Doctor’s orders. But of course in his mind nothing is ever his fault, so they are treating him unfairly.

He’s had this particular job for over a year, so we thought he might have finally learned his lesson about professional behaviour. Apparently not, because on top of him bypassing a Doctor’s Orders at work, last week he decided to called Mr. Ivriniel’s and my Family Doctor to try and talk to him about Mr. Ivriniel’s health. The Doctor’s office’s response was to go “Um, who the hell are you? ” and then call me to ask if everything was ok. (Mr I’s phone was dead when they tried to call him, so they got a little worried and called me, too.) The receptionist was stunned when I told her he is an RPN.


The reason for the call? Mr. I had posted about something to Facebook that ABiL thought he should see a Doctor for, and Mr. I didn’t want to go. Did he call Mr. I to try and convince him? Did he call me and ask how he could help me convince him? No. He called the Doctor’s office, and when they shut him down, was messaging me and telling me that I should call the Doctor and have the Doctor force him to come in. I replied: What, you mean like a psychiatric hold? That’s never going to stick. He said , no, but you can call an ambulance and get them to force him to go.

I told him that if the ambulance crew deems him capable of making his own decisions, which he is, they can’t force him to go. If ambulances forced men who were being stubborn about going to the Doctor to go, the system would collapse under the sheer weight of them all. He stopped messaging me then. A day later I got Mr. I to see the Doctor, and he is fine. (Well, he has his chronic health conditions, but there is nothing new going on.)


Over coffee, their sister called out ABiL about calling our family Doctor, and he just sputtered and said “How did you find out about that?”

She didn’t answer and he started in to pontificate about how it was his duty as a nurse, and if she didn’t do the same (she is also an RPN) he would question her professionalism. Right dude, what you did was totally professional, which is why the receptionist shut you down.


He’s just lucky that I am not the malicious type, or I would be complaining to the College of Nurses.

Bottom line, turns out he has learned nothing from his repeated firings, after all.

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