I heard people mention it around here, and it popped up as a suggestion on my Netflix, so I thought, hey, I'll check it out. It's pretty addictive and heart-wrenching. I'm only about 5 episodes into the first season, but man, Cassie and Chris are both getting to me so hard. They both remind me of various people in my life, particularly back in high school. And if that parallel continues... it's not going to end well.

Also, Tony is the fucking worst. Is he a sociopath or something? What the fuck is wrong with that kid? And why don't his friends realize what a piece of shit he is?

No big spoilers in the comments, please, if it can be avoided. As I said, I'm only a few episodes in. I have heard some of you say the show went downhill after a few seasons, but damn, this first season is crazy.