I'm a little nervous, even though my skill set is kind of unusual for this club.

I'm getting tired of the club I work at. Same people there all the time, the DJ always plays the same music (CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE COME AND PUT YOUR NAME ON IT RACK RACK RACK CITY BITCH), and it's been so dead the past couple weeks.

So I'm starting at a different club in a seedier area of town, but it's a lot more upbeat and fun. It's louder and brighter and I can choose whether or not I want to strip down into pasties on stage. The house fees are cheaper ($30 compared to the $100 I pay) and when I went to visit there were a TON of girls with tattoos and piercings there. Also I went on a Monday and it was PACKED. That does not happen where I work. You have to be on top of your hustle game if you want to make some money on a Monday night. This place just seems like a lot more fun, the dancers choose more fun names (I'm going by Ava Adore tonight), and are allowed to have more fun on stage and the more fun they have the more money is thrown on stage. I talked to a few dancers and they all seem to be very positive and have positive experiences with the club. I'll have a bit of an edge in this club because I'm good with pole work, and from what I saw most girls who work at this club don't do the kind of tricks I do.

I think I'll be okay, I'm just a little nervous because I've never danced at this club before and I don't know the ins and outs of the kind of crowd that hangs out there. Wish me luck?