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Starting the Countdown Clock on ABiL's latest job...

So my Annoying Brother in Law got a job doing home care. He's a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) He got is diploma 3 years ago, and has had 7 jobs including this one. Of his 6 previous jobs, he was fired from 4 of them. Looks like he's angling for a firing from this one as well.


The other day ABiL called his sister (OSiL) who works as a Personal Support Worker (PSW)in a nursing home, but is studying to get RPN to complain about an incident with his work. He told her that he went on a call and when he got there, the patient said "Oh, I am so glad you are here!"

ABiL: What can I do for you?

Patient: I haven't had a bath in a week!

ABiL: I am not the PSW. What *medical*work do you have for me?

When the patient said all he really needed was a bath, ABiL told him to ask the PSW the next time they came, and left.


Aggggh! The poor man hadn't had a bath in a week. That is a medical issue for someone with limited mobility. His sister (who has done home care as a PSW before) said he should have bathed the guy and charged the half hour as doing a skin assessment.


ABiL isn't getting anything close to full time work out of this job. Having clients call up and complain about him isn't going to help on that front. Or having the client tell the next PSW or RPN who goes over there about the nurse who refused to help him isn't going to help either.

He got fired from his last home care job when coworkers who went to clients after he did reported back shoddy work and client complaints.


Oh, and then on another front, ABiL and ASiL took his Mom out for breakfast, supposedly for her birthday, but it seems they really wanted to butter her up for something else. See, ABiL's Dad owns two houses. He lives in one and rents the other. Recently the Annoying Inlaws were trying to convince him to move out of his house so they could move in, but now the tenants are moving out of the other house. They wanted his Mom to talk to his Dad (my Inlaws are not together) and convince him to give the house to the annoying Inlaws.

ABiL's Dad made a post to Facebook looking for tenants, and ABiL took it as a personal affront, saying he shouldn't have had to find out about the other house through Facebook, and his Dad just should give it to them. They would pay rent eventually but would live there rent free for at least four months while they fixed it up. Here's the thing: ABiL hasn't been in the other house for years, and his Dad's last tenants were getting a break on rent to fix the place up. The Annoying Inlaws have no clue what work if any needs to be done on it now.


The part that really gets me? He actually said to his Mom that she should tell his Dad to have compassion on him and his situation and let them have the house. Like ABiL had compassion on the man who hadn't had a bath in a week, right?

In any case, my FiL really does not want to rent to them. He needs the income from the other house, and my ABiL's work history is far too spotty. The next time ABiL looses his job, he'll be all "have compassion on my situation" and want to live there rent free.

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