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Starting the day off on a good foot!!

You know that old classic, "Hey, is your refrigerator running?" Well mine is! Hooray!! I discovered later last night (around 9pm) that ours hadn't been (for who knows how long) yesterday - my champagne was not sufficiently chilled and then all of our ice was melted in the freezer. Since I didn't have too much food (just condiments, jams, some endives, onions, some herbs, butter, syrup, champagne, and a half pack of bacon - I think most of these won't spoil/have enough preservatives/it didn't get so warm that I'll only throw out the bacon) and I didn't feel like dealing with my landlords at the moment (I wouldn't have been shocked if they sent over their "handyman" son right then and there, and I just couldn't), I decided I'd just call in the morning and deal with it then.

Well, the elves must have come over to work last night, because I just went downstairs to find that every things up and running again. And it's finally getting warm out and the little squirrels are running around everywhere and I think it's going to be a good day! Yay!!


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