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Starting the week off right

It's been a long weekend (for those us us in the States) and, from the look of the GT page, a rough one for many of us (me, included. Complete shit. Life sucks). So, let's do a brief accounting of the things that make us smile. Because I just have to be chirpy sunshine girl sometimes.

1) Renly winking. Awwwwww. You were too fab for this world, Renly.

2)I took my boys to the drugstore with me to look for make-up (because I got some faboo suggestions from my GTers which I will be trying out) and told them to pick out a nail polish color to keep them occupied. I also told them that they should pay attention to the name because what the color is called is AT LEAST as important as the shade itself. They returned with a sparkly blue called "Hottie." When I asked if I really qualified to wear a color with such a name, they both looked at me as if I had just asked the stupidest question ever and said, "Well, yeah, duh, mom." Awwwwww. My babies are delusional. ;)


3) Saturday would have been my friend G's 30th birthday. So we buried him and had a party for him. And it was sad a beautiful and wonderful.

So, keep 'em coming, people!

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