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Starting Thyroid Hormone Replacement

A few weeks ago, the doctor I see for my Methadone treatment was running some routine blood work, and results of said blood work came back a bit off. My B12 and Iron are low, but that's not news. What was news (well, not much of a surprise though), was my TSH levels. Plain English? Hypothyroidism.

Now I've known for several years I've had some fairly decent sized nodules on my thyroid, but my physician at the time was a fucking tool bag, and never bothered to look into anything further, besides just telling me I have lumps in my neck.


Most of the time I have a constant feeling of pressure in my throat, sometimes bothering me enough to make me end up puking from gagging and feeling like shit. I refuse to wear scarves, turtle necks or tight necked shirts because it makes my throat feel even more restricted. I have to sleep on my stomach to help take pressure off the front of my neck. I've had symptoms for quite sometime, and thyroid problems plague many of the women on my mother's side, but again my doctor was a fucking tool bag, and refused to investigate any further even though it's hereditary, and often females . Ugh, I could give so many more examples of the fucking pathetic practice he called medicine, but it's just making me simmer with rage, so let's just leave it at that. My skin is like a desert, my hair falls out in clumps, I'm tired, lethargic, depressed, gaining weight, and sex... what's sex again? I think my vagina has permanently sealed over and has ceased to function for anything other than fucking up my week once a month. Sounds fun, eh?

Thankfully, my new family doctor is wonderful, and is actually doing something to help me out here. As expected, I have to go for more blood work and an ultrasound (gotta check these freaky lumps in my neck!), and he started me on Eltroxin (levothyroxine sulfate) 50 mcg, and will adjust as needed from my blood work and ultrasound results. Geez, is this Eltroxin a picky bitch to take. So many rules! I cannot take any medication 2 hours before or 4 hours after taking Eltroxin, must be taken on an empty stomach, no where near when I take my iron supplement, and no more grapefruit/juice! That makes things a little bit more complicated. Taking it in the morning is preferable because I don't eat breakfast, but I can't because I take my Methadone and a couple other meds first thing in the AM. By the time those few hours have passed it's lunch, so no more empty stomach. At night I take a medication for sleep, so that's no good, and I eat dinner and gorge myself with food in the evenings, so that's out too. I'm going to try taking it a few hours after lunch, but before din din. Gonna need to set a reminder in my phone for this one. /

I figured some of my fellow GT'ers might have had similar issues, and the rest of you are obviously brilliant doctors, so I wanted to ask a few questions! I have been asking my Mom quite a few questions, but her thyroid was dissolved 25 years ago with radioactive iodine (graves disease is her diagnosis), so she doesn't remember all the details, and I'm assuming things have changed a little since. Upon starting thyroxine did you notice any adverse side effects? How long did it take after commencing thyroxine to notice any difference in your physical symptoms? Anyone else got any lovely nodules or goiters growing?

It's a very strange feeling knowing your body is physically failing you in one way or another.

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