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Starting to feel all "meh, Christmas" too

So everything was great today morning. We ate an awesome breakfast and opened awesome gifts, but once that was over, my mom went into "I HAVE TO CLEAN ALL THE THINGS FOR MY SIXTY GUESTS TONIGHT!!!" mode. I hate these dumb Christmas parties she hosts because she works for weeks to prepare food, get ready, buy drinks, etc. She got sick the other day because she was working so much to prep for this party. WHAT THE HELL, right?! And she rarely wants help from any of us. Even if she wants help, she'll take over because we're not doing it right or fast enough or something.

So once our hour of festivities are done in the morning, we have to stay out of the way and can't touch anything so she can clean and prep. Christmas gets boring this way.

Honestly, I hate the fact that we have 60 people over tonight. We don't have that much room here, anyway. And ugh, there are people coming my age who I can hang out with, but I don't like most of them.


I don't mean to sound like a grinch, but fuck, why can't we just have a relaxing, chill Christmas rather than be pulled into my mom's stress and planning for this huge party? It's like this every year -_- but worse because she has more guests than usual.

At least there will be plenty of alcohol and food tonight. Meh.

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