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Statistics help EDITED to add sample problems

Hey y’all, I remember a few people commenting on my last post about statistics class saying that they may be able to help me if I get stuck. I missed class this week due to a back injury and I’m having a hard time getting my head around this new material I’m trying to teach myself- all about different methods for hypothesis testing. I just finished up normal distributions, finding T values and chi squared distributions. Does anyone have any resources for me?

Here are samples of what I’m being asked to do:

1. Test the hypothesis using the​ P-value approach. Be sure to verify the requirements of the test.


H0​: p = 0.7 vs H1: p > 0.7

n = 200

x = 145

α = 0.1

Find the p-value, round to three decimal points.

2. In February​ 2008, an organization surveyed 1034 adults aged 18 and older and found that 539 believed they would not have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. Does the sample evidence suggest that a majority of adults in a certain country believe they will not have enough money in​ retirement? Use the α=0.01 level of significance.

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