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Statistics in Simple Speak (and Sociology)

Hey, stats/math folks (and sociologists)! I need some help.

First, statistics:

So I'm starting statistics next week. I'm not a math person. I have a tutor lined up, I'm planning on going to office hours, etc. I need a C or higher to knock out another requirement, and to basically pass the class.


But, no one can give me a good answer about what statistics is. Like, what I'm in for. The definition, the concept, etc. I opened up my textbook and it's all Greek to me-or Cyrillic, pick your poison regarding foreign alphabets. I tried to read the definition in the book, but got even more confused. I need plain speak about what it is, and how it works. I've gotten answers (from my math-oreiented cousin and his wife) saying 'well, it's putting into words things that can't be said in words'. My tutor was even more vague, saying 'it's not that hard'. Sooooooo...kinda in a pickle.

Statistics: how does it work? What is it? What are some examples (like, is it percentages?) Do I need to use Excel? If I do, I'm going to have to figure that gem out.

Please, math wiz Jezzies, be my Obi Wans! You're my only-ish hope!

Second, sociology:

Ok, I kinda understand this. But not really. I'm taking intro to sociology in the fall, but I would love to hear from some sociologists about what to be prepared for. I guess that's about it.


Also, sorry if this post showed up twice! Stupid internet.

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