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Stats off to a good start! Plus some advice needed

Oh, you guys-first thanks for the support regarding my anxiety about Stats! I had my first class/lecture yesterday. They explained it pretty well-that statistics are hella important because they explain the world around us, and that they help us make sense of data that, on its own, makes no sense. The vocab is hard, but I made a reference page in my binder (I have a note book, a binder, a mini dry erase board-more things than I need) and several notes. And I'm just on chapter one! Today is my day off, and I'm off to chapter two!

And, if there are any statistician jezzies out there, I will be calling on y'all to be my spirit guides when shit gets real. But so far it's word problems and percentages.

Ok, next part. My friend, who I love and always shows me a good time, has a lot of mental health problems. So do I (I'm thinking of doing an ask me anything about mine, maybe Friday when I have some free time), but she has bipolar II and is not doing well. She has nightmares-stemming from a rape, having to be there for her boyfriend when he had a mental breakdown, dealing with our friend with cancer, and school. I always reach out to her-I don't have bipolar, but I always listen without judgement, etc. She knows that I am a safe person to talk to, that my home is a safe place for her, and that I can relate to the doctor visits.


So here's my problem. I reach out to her just like she reaches out to me. I wanted to talk about my drinking binge and anxiety and depression, but she just wasn't there. I can really only talk to her about this. In fact, every time we get together, it's just her speaking. I'm worried about her, just because she doesn't respond to me asking how she is. But she never asks how I am. Am I being selfish? I wish, just once, I could have a good conversation with her expressing my feelings, without having to suppress them to accommodate her.


(couldn't think of a better gif, because Avengers and Loki)

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