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Stay away, you'll be infected by my stupidity (work venting)

So let me set the scene. I do IT support. A lot of what I do involves computers not connecting to the network or users locked out. It's pretty typical IT help desk stuff.

I had a caller who was getting an error when trying to log into a workstation that had been reimaged. For those who don't know that basically means it was formatted and reset back to a clean machine. We do it when machine are having issues. The Workstation Specialist in the field did the work but the user was not able to log in. The error it gave usually indicates the machine is having issues communicating with the network, not an issue with the user's account. So I did my research , did some tests, checked the network. The name of the computer the user gave me did not get a response to a ping request. That means you send out a request for reply to a machine or server and see how long it takes to get a reply. It's a tool used to determine if there are issues with network connectivity. Well the machine was not pinging but it did show an IP Address. So I do research for about 20 minutes and my boss asks if I verified the machine name on the Windows login

I did not and it turns out the WSS renamed the machine after reimaging it. So that explained why I was not getting a ping response. Once I find that it's pretty easy to resolve. But it's the fact that I did all that research and missed one little thing that would have ended the call much quicker pisses me right off.



The worst part is that the team lead in today is a real hard ass when it comes to process and following all the troubleshooting steps. He hasn't said anything but I can't imagine that he is real thrilled that I spent so much time on a call that really didn't need it. Is it 5 yet? I need a beer.

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