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Stealing from charity a special form of evil tw death








This was in the Boston news. A family’s daughter died at the age of 26. A family friend also 26 offered to set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family. The parents of the deceased contacted the website about the money. Yup friend who set it up well she took it all. The friend faces 15 years for theft.


This is why people are leery about giving online. This person was caught. She may not have if she took just a portion. The worst part is the parents would never have let her set up a fund if they did not trust her. Well I bet the parents will trust no one when it comes to money again. The donors may very well give pause in donating online again.

Well proves an adage I heard all my life “trust no one with your money”. The parents nearly learned this the hard way. I hope they can recoup it all. Thief deserves all 15 years.

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