UPDATE: http://steamcommunity.com/id/intheweeds friend her for an invite to the steam group. ^_^

OK YAY! Since we had overwhelming interest in playing a Civ V multiplayer game, I think we'll go with that. Intheweeds does indeed have a steam group, so feel free to join that if you like.

What I want to do is have everyone interested in playing a game either Saturday or Sunday the 22nd or 23rd to e-mail me at kaiserawesomesauce@gmail.com about which date they prefer. You can also feel free to friend kaiserawesome on steam (my icon is an order heriticus stamp from Warhammer 40K- yesIknowshutup). Because this is Civ V, I anticipate the game is going to take 4-5 hours. I'm also interested in doing other games generally, so don't be shy about poking me if I'm online.

I tried friending everyone that posted on the previous post, but if I missed you please feel free to friend me. Cheers!