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Steampunk Fair & Social Anxiety in Toronto

Hi GT! I really want to attend this Steampunk event in March but no one I know IRL is into steampunk. I have really bad social anxiety and it'll be exasperated by traveling by TTC in costume where everyone stares at me.

1. Are there any GTers who are into steampunk and are interested in attending and doing a mini Toronto meet up with me?


2. Any tips on how to minimize or deal with social anxiety in situations like this? I've been through therapy specifically for this but since I've been unemployed I've only left my house a few times. Since August. So it's really bad.

3. Also there's a winter steampunk photoshoot (https://www.facebook.com/events/5565030…) on Saturday but I think that's too soon for me.

Thanks xo.

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