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Steamtrain Concert Near You? Steamstock Near me!

I just bought my ticket for the second annual Steamstock, by which I mean second Steamstock. Last year was great; the venue is gorgeous. And this year's headliner is...

But for those sadly unable to witness Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer saying "hullo!" there's also a... um... dirigible-based caravan! (By which I mean probably a van pulling a trailer. Or something.)


Starting Today in Atlanta, you can see some Steampunk bands! And people in costumes! And... some... probably laser-cut gears and krakens and squiggly things. Goggles! Definitely goggles! Then over the next few weeks: Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, Richmond, and New Orleans. Featuring these folks:

The Richmond/Oakland stop is a two day steampunk music festival with shopping and swing dance lessons and stuff. And 14 yet unmentioned bands! And food trucks! And vendors!

Full disclosure: I was naked and playing a World of Warcraft boardgame which OMFG I do not recommend to anyone; that thing was terrible. I was camping with a board gaming group and my WoW guild had a WoW board game raid. Because nerds. (I put a shirt on for the "screenshots" phase. My guild is PG-13.)

I deduced immediately who he was but instead of creeping him out and verifying his name directly, I said "Are you a goth person?" And he said no and ran away. Possibly because I was naked and asking him personal questions while playing the worst version of WoW evar. And thus a goth-game-based friendship was born!


By which I mean: "I know the event planner." Also, the stage manager is the ex-girlfriend of a guy that I sorta kinda dated. A little.

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