For what I know I need to do. (This is a job post.) Also, anyone who works in a museum, click here please!

Here's the situation. I'm finally able to leave my job as an admin working for about $16/hour! HUZZAH! It's a job that since I've been doing the work of two employees starting 3 months ago, when my coworker left, I've only had a dollar and a half raise. Which is, not chill, since they told me they're not looking to hire anyone else.

SO ANYWAYS. I'm finally able to leave! I've found another admin position, in a better city that's closer to where I'm living, which will pay $23/hr. So that's a nice boost! And it's a company that will have continuous business in the area for the foreseeable long term. That's something I don't have working where I am currently. I'll also be able to further my education in that city, in order to move forward with that company.

However, I'm going in as a third party contractor, because they're still fighting management to allocate the resources they need for me. Which is OK, I'm just hesitant to go in as a contractor, as I've heard horror stories. This one does provide insurance, 401(k) and all that good stuff, you're just in a negligible position. I've given them a start date of March 10, which is a nice big cushion, seeing as I need to work out a few things.

Firstly, my company has a history of "letting people go" the day they put in their two weeks notice. This has been an incentive for me to leave ASAP. I understand theoretically why they do this, as I'm in a highly competitive field, so when people leave to work for competitors, they don't want them sticking around. It still comes off as a really shitty thing to do. And though I am not leaving for a competitor, it still makes me weary about approaching management, as I need to finish my time here in order to pay bills and (v)adult.


Secondly, and more importantly, I'm in the process of negotiating a position with another company. Well, a museum. A very nice, almost new historical museum in the town where I live. I would much prefer this job for a variety of reasons. 1) I would be a director, which means excellent job experience, especially from the person who I would be working directly under. 2) It's literally blocks away from my house. 3) I would be positively impacting my community, and working for like minded people who value creative endeavors. So many good things about this job. I've had lunch with a board member, who's giving me a recommendation. I'm in the process of tailoring my resume (suggestions if you have any!), and gathering the requisite documents. They want 3 letters of recommendation, 3 references, and an official copy of my college transcripts. IT'S A LOT, and I'm having to pull a few favors. The old director was fired, for lots of reasons, but they want to make sure they hire a good person, which is why they're putting me through the hoops. I'm also quite young for the job, at 24, so I'm having to put my extra big girl pants on. But that amount of responsibility at this age isn't unheard of for this town, and I'm confident in my ability to do the job, because I've worked a non-profit museum before.

This all boils down to anxiety. Lots of anxiety. Anxiety about the unknown, anxiety to get the job that I want, and anxiety in leaving on a good note with the company I currently work for. STEEL MY NERVES GROUPTHINKERS.