Little GV's school carnival is tonight. She's with her dad and his gf Wed/Thu every week, but Mr GV and I plan to go and say hi and check it out. I'm currently getting grilled over text by the gf about whether I plan to "show up and give her a kiss" (Babydaddy's words, apparently) or "hang out with her on her special day" (Little GV's words). I don't see more than a shade of difference between the two.

This woman can't stand me. I've seen her face to face all of three times in three years. I don't think we've been within 10 yards of each other in at least two years. In the beginning of their relationship it was "oh, she's had guys leave her to go back to their ex-gfs." I was pretty fucking nice about it. After a year or so it seemed to be a little weird. He's a loyal guy and if she couldn't see that then she's an idiot.

It's been about three years now. She still refuses to be in the same room with me. I've never done or said anything to or about her. Babydaddy asks her permission about anything involving me, which still shocks the hell out of me because I wouldn't have expected him to allow someone to tell him what to do. I'm not even "allowed" to give him a Father's Day card.

I know this woman's insecurities and I could allow myself to become a huge thorn in her side while appearing perfectly reasonable. I wouldn't do it because that's ridiculous behavior and I don't want to hurt my kiddo. I don't want to make things worse for her dad, either. I try to always take the high road.


One of the things that bothers me is that she has taken a mom role with Little GV, even encouraging kiddo to call her "mom." This seems weird to me. Mr GV believes that kiddo has a dad and he isn't going to tread into that territory, though he is consistent, a constant, will always be a source of support and she knows that in her little bones. He's committed to her and they have a great relationship, but she probably won't be calling him dad.


I know that no matter what this weird woman does it won't change my relationship with Little, but I can only take this shit for so long before I get pissed. Just a few minutes ago I talked with Babydaddy then told her to stop contacting me unless it's an emergency. So, she texts me again. And again.

The only drama in my life comes from this woman. I warned Babydaddy after the first time she flipped out on him (several years ago) that her behavior will get more extreme the longer they're together. I'm kinda sorry I'm right.