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Stepchild's Horrible Mother is Posting Alarming Messages -Updated

(Trigger Warning: Suicidal ideation, child neglect, child abuse)

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I've posted on here before about my stepkid's deadbeat mother, but I will quickly recap. She lost custody of her kids three years ago due to neglect and drug use, but never faced criminal charges because the kids were too young to put on the stand. We also found out recently from the stepkid that it extended to physical abuse. Stepkid sees her mother maybe once a year, and is only allowed supervised visits. Stepkid still loves her mother and feels very conflicted and angry about the whole thing. We do allow her to call her mother when she asks.


Stepkid's mom is my "friend" on Facebook because it is the only way to reliably get in touch with her. She owes us almost three years worth of child support, and owes her mother child support as well, since her mother takes care of two of her other kids. She never holds down a job and is constantly moving and changing her phone number.

She is now posting on Facebook that she feels like killing herself. What, exactly, is my duty here? She has friends reaching out to her on the post, but I know her family is not on Facebook. Am I obligated to try to get her parents to intervene here? Last I heard, her parents were not on speaking terms with her for the same reasons that we are not frequently in contact. I don't know here latest phone number or address, and I doubt her parents do either. So we couldn't ask the police to look in on her. So that would cause a lot of panic on their parts if they can't get in touch with her for several days while they track her down. Or it would require me to be an intermediary on Facebook, if she even responds to me (she doesn't, always). If she has concerned close friends already reaching out to her, should I try to intervene? Or is it already being taken care of to the extent that if I got involved it would just add extra drama?


We live far away from this woman, so I can't go and physically check up on her. I'm not sure what I should do here.

UPDATE: I've reported the posting on Facebook. I messaged her briefly, she messaged me back saying she was okay, her doctor had just switched around her meds, and she needed to adjust. I also called her mother to let her know. Her mother was pretty uninterested due to years and years of drama, abuse of kids, and begging for money while not paying child support in the relationship. I can't really blame her. But I feel like I've done all I can here, and I hope it turns out okay. Thank you all for the advice.

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