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Stephen Colbert on Star Wars Marketing

I posted about this in an Open Thread yesterday. But, I keep thinking about it, so I figured I might as well make a post about it. Basically, I’m trying to decide if I’m being overly critical of this Stephen Colbert bit where he mocks the Star Wars marketing. But, the specific product he chooses to make fun of is the Cover Girl Star Wars collection. Even going so far as to describe it as “the perfect make-up collection for girls that like Star Wars but not enough to realize this has nothing to do with Star Wars”.

I just feel like when the “geek world” has so many problems with misogyny, to go specifically after the make-up line just seems like the wrong one to choose. There are so many other products I’ve seen out there that could be mocked that “have nothing to do with Star Wars” like the Star Wars coffee creamers, or toasters, or light saber chopsticks, or crayon sets, or the pet toy line at PetCo, or a billion other things.


I feel like we are supposed to laugh at it, after he shows us his vintage Star Wars “Luke Skywalker Belt Kit” with soap, shampoo, and bubble bath. But....I just don’t know, it seems like a bad decision to me. I’m not talking “write Facebook comments and send emails about how I’m never watching the show again” angry. But, more just a resigned “yet another small example of everyday sexism” angry.

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