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Stepping On The Scale

I hate weighing myself. Well, I hate being a slave to the scale and consciously try not to step on it any more than once a month. Boy did I get a surprise when I stepped on it tonight!

I have gain a bit of weight over the past year and a half. Ever since I started started Methadone and then had my thyroid go all crazy, I've easily put on...gawd I don't even want to type it... almost 30 pounds. fuck. As much as people tell me it's not that noticeable, I know full well when I'm just barely 5'4", 30 pounds is definitely noticeable. I hated it. I could exercise and I would only be disappointed (and pissed I actually exercised for no results!).

But now that I've been on my thyroid meds for about 7 months, I'm thinking I might be starting to even out a bit. I walked by the scale tonight and pulled it out. I kind of thought the batteries were dead, secretly hoping it wouldn't turn on so I wouldn't need to step on it. But, those batteries be dammed, it turned on. I was so bummed out about a conversion with my Gramas earlier, and figured I couldn't feel much worse, so figured I might as well just get this over with. I hopped on, took a breath and closed my eyes while awaiting the results. I looked down and saw I number I haven't seen in months and months and months...


I lost over 10 pounds you guys! And that was with the air cast on! That thing is at least a couple more pounds to deduct off that 10... right? Right! I've been sitting on my ass for the past month too because of my broken foot! I'm really hoping it continues on this downward trend, because I've got some more poundage to shed!

Now that's a better way to start my New Year!

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