I have been seeing many posts regarding Pharrell's Smoky the Bear hat here, but I don't know if any of you saw the mainpage video of the Stevie Wonder/Daft Punk/Pharrell performance at the Grammys (here). I don't have real tv, so all I really see is what pops up in my feed.

First, the performance: Damn, I am impressed.

Second: I now have a huge ladyboner for Pharrell. His smile! Oh god, his smile! I don't know how I avoided seeing him before, but he is one gorgeous man AND he can sing. Sigh. One more for my "celebrity crush" books.

ETA: Watching again and HIS DIMPLES. THE SMILE AND THE DIMPLES. Also, are capris/slightly-too-short pants for men really in style now, or am I just hopelessly behind the fashion times?

Other than Pharrell, my current major crush is Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim. I tend to choose actors in particular roles, rather than generally, because I like the character best — I can never really know the actor.


Mmmmm, hello.

I know we've talked about this before, but who are your current celebrity crushes? Share pics/gifs with me!