You know, every time Jezebel runs a story ripe for puns, the first words our of our mouths are not "gaaaaawd I hope this isn't cross-posted on Gawker, I've reached my daily quota of shitty puns."

Or, every time something horrible happens and someone dies, "ugh, I hope this isn't posted on Gawker because if I have to hear non-funny jokes about someone dying I am going to gouge my eyes out with a dull pencil."

So, every time there is a story posted on Gawker that has ANYTHING to do with women's rights, women being shit on, representation of women in the the first comments always have to be "I wonder what the Jezebel twats will have to say about this," "god those insufferable feminists are going to have a field day with this," etc etc etc?

It's...SO fucking tiresome. Not unique. Or funny. Or insightful. So, just STFU already.


** I should note that I LOVE Gawker and think so many people are smart and funny and generally awesome.

** I should also note that I am a-ok with talking shit about Jezebel commenting community, of which I belong.


It just drives me INSANE. Vent over.