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STFU Sunday Returns: Shut the Front Door, It's the Daily Dump!

STFU Sunday, Part Deux: in which shutting the fuck up is done with cheer and verve, because I'm having a great freaking day! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, YOU GUIZE. IT'S SUNDAY!

Shut the front door, Flossielou! Then maybe you won't get cat-called no matter what your hair color is. (A-yuck. A-yuck. I think I'm funny.)


HermioneStranger is going to blog for serious. I am beyond excited about this. (Not that the rest of you aren't exciting, but SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I AM SO EXCITED!) So ... no pressure, HS. But this better be good. We'll start with how solidarity is not for Hogwarts.

Burt is half-assedly covering the Emmy Awards and VivaciousVicious is dressing for them.
For what it's worth, Burt, I'm watching Breaking Bad, too. And not in a sequined dress, VV. In my underpants. Like a mothafucking professional. (Yes, the front door is shut. The neighbors are not ready for this jelly.)

This has front door in the title. And also great dog memes! Wax-Tadpole contributed a lot of serious stuff this week, but this is what I'm dumping. On a scale of 1-10, how surprised is anyone? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

Idris Elba? Shut ... the ... front ... door. I'm having a moment. Brought to you by: OmarGone.


What is a GroupThink? Shut the front door, Chritter! We were just talking about this ...


Ok, Killermartins. Are you still having doubts about your swanky job? Because if you are, you tell those voices to SHUT THE FUCK UP. You're gonna do fine.

Another instance of STFU being more fun than shut the front door: this one's for breeders. I didn't call you that. JennyApples did. She has Applets, so I think that makes it ok. Either way, take it up with her.


KINJA INTERVENTION? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I want to have one, too! AcidMartini was reading my miiiiiiiiind.

This was ... uhm ... I like it? I think? But also ... uh ... yeah. Shut the front door. And back away slowly to think about it. KatydelMoxie's daughter has some interesting early memories.


Note to GTers: Kinja is being kind of a jerk. Some of these links aren't gonna work. Let me know and I'll do some editing.

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