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Welcome To The Bitchery

Dear Jenna,

Having lived in Boston for several years of my life, I've heard about you, but have never watched your stuff. Upon the urging of a friend, I checked some videos out. There's one video that is particularly problematic to me-and although it was posted over a year ago, I believe that it still warrants a response. A quote from your video entitled, "Things I Don't Understand About Girls Part 2: Slut Edition:

"I also make sure to remind all of you that herpes is for life. DONT GET THAT SHIT, apparently it sucks so says every textbook I've ever read. Oh and also the internet says that too."

First and foremost, I want to clarify this: unlike you, Jenna Marbles, I believe that everyone should be allowed to make their own sexual choices. If the act occurs between two consenting adults, I am all for it. A person's sexual preferences (unless it is choosing to have sex with an individual that CANNOT CONSENT) are NOT fodder for mockery or judgment.


Second, I am appalled at your lack of understanding with regards to how STI's are contracted and transmitted. Jenna Marbles, STI's do not discriminate. STI's do not choose to infect only the licentious or the depraved. A vaginal or anal virgin can contract an STI through oral contact. Men or women losing their virginities can obtain one. Men or women can have a myriad of partners, and not contract one.

Frankly, having an STI isn't anything to be ashamed about. STI's are exceedingly common.

Most STI's are curable. All are treatable.

In lieu of making this misogynistic video, maybe you should have made a video on rape culture and how it's harmful. Maybe you should have made a video about how contraceptives should be readily available. A video on how condoms aren't an end all, be all protection against STI's would have been greatly appreciated, considering that you have a massive fan base.

Jenna, I don't mock you for your personal choices. But you deservedly get my vitriol for this. This is an unacceptable way of thinking.




PS-Jenna, remember that time that you did in blackface? That wasn't cool either!

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