I saw this post on Apartment Therapy today, which sent me down a rabbit hole of trying to find out how much rent they're charging at my old place. I moved in in 2007 and paid $925 / month. It was $1065 / month by the time I moved out in 2012. My guess is that it's now $1150, which is ridiculous because there's no dishwasher or central air. I couldn't find any ads for rentals, but the whole building is for sale (which I knew; it was for sale before I moved. My unit isn't pictured; it was more updated than the others because the couple who lived in it before me used to throw parties and put candles lighting the stairway landing in front of the apartment - well, one night they went out without blowing the candles out and caused a fire, so my kitchen had to be redone. I was never told that by the property manager, and suddenly, I had the landlord calling me angry asking why I wouldn't let the insurance adjusters come take pictures of the repairs from the fire. Uhhh. Cause your property manager never mentioned anything about a fire or insurance adjusters.)