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Stickers Of Downtown Toronto: A Field Guide

Have you ever wondered just what kind of stickers you can expect to find in downtown Toronto? Well, now you can!



Lovebot is part of a guerrilla art campaign in Toronto. You can find it all over the place. This one was found in a dirty bathroom in the basement of a sketchy dive bar. I basically love it and it lives in my wallet now.

Raise The Minimum Wage!

Raise the goddamned minimum wage! $14 isn't even enough in Toronto. I make slightly over that and I can barely pay my bills in my tiny bachelor apartment! It's fucking bullshit and a joke and seriously: raise the mutherfucking minimum wage!

Dimitri The Piece Of Shit


Omg, this fucking guy. Have you heard of him? He is the most disgusting PUA piece of shit that ever PUAed in shit piles. His website is fucking amazingly obtuse and offensive and just wow, this guy. The least he could do was spring for a decent printing house to make some decent stickers. We all know you just printed this off at home using those Avery templates, Dmitri The Cheap-ass. Did you know he has offensive stickers on newspaper boxes in Toronto so that he can offend people who are just waiting for a bus and haven't even searched him out? Well, now you know. He is offending people all over town without even being anywhere near them. Fuck this guy.

No Penguins


No penguins, you guys. I have no idea what this represents, but I like it anyway. Maybe it represents people in suits and ties? Maybe this person has a problem with flightless birds (fucking flightless birds will never understand the open sky, shouldn't even be birds...)? Maybe it's the weird waddling. Idk. Nice sticker though, person who made this sticker. This one also lives in my wallet. I wish someone hadn't torn it trying to take it before I got there. It was torn when I found it.

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